whale shark orginization page

Here are some organizations that we have had the wonderful opportunity to help out so far along the way. I am excited to team up with more incredible individuals and lend a hand for a greater cause.

US4K logo

Urban Surf 4 Kids is a unique outreach organization that works with orphan and foster kids. Using water sports as a catalyst, we teach kids how to first have fun and then give back to their communities and neighborhoods through local service projects.

We had the opportunity to contribute to multiple articles for their monthly publication as well as hang out and teach some of the kids to surf in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It is truly amazing what this organization does for these kids and we are glad that we are able to be a part of it!

Whale Shark Mexico Project Logo

ScD Dení Ramírez Macías Director and researcher of Whale Shark México, she is a Conservation Biologist, with a vision to promote and contribute to ocean conservation and sustainability by the integration of scientific research, sustainable management, environmental education and inter-institutional collaboration.

We were able assist Deni and her team of biologists with their Whale Shark research which included: taking DNA samples, measuring their size, taking photo’s, tagging them and documenting if they were male or female. We also were able to learning the process on how they are educating the tourist organizations and communities to help protect the endangered species.


La Paz school for Marine Biology

Silvia Stranges and Shasta Keyes were kind enough to let me tag along to one of their field trips out to a coral reef in La Paz, Mexico where they are monitoring the growth of the reef during an El Nino year. El Nino is the movement of warm water from the Western Pacific into the Eastern Pacific considerably depleting the growth of algae on the coral reef which causes coral bleaching.

Silvia’s PHD thesis is about how climate change will effect our coral reefs and eventually effect people through the rapidly depleting goods and services that the coral reef provides. She is also bringing awareness to how we can protect and preserve coral reefs for future generations of ecosystems it supports as well as future habitat that the fish need to thrive in their underwater environment. So lets do our best and help preserve the gorgeous coral reefs and their underwater sanctuaries that we depend on and enjoy so much.

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