My Vision

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“One of the greatest adventures known to man – to sail around the World.”

My Goal:

My name is Tyler and it is my goal to travel the world by sailboat connecting with other cultures and nature while promoting sailing as viable means of travel. I aim to inspire people, especially the technology dependent youth, to get outside and experience life as it exists in nature. Through this I hope to spread positivity, promote helping others and instill a reverence of environmentalism on both land and sea. I hope my struggles, victories, experiences and explorations inspire you to get outside and explore our beautiful world.

The Journey So Far:

It all began in August of 2013 when I sold all of my belongings to go on one of the greatest adventures known to man – to sail around the World. However, a few obstacles were in the way in order to achieve my goal. I didn’t have a boat, I didn’t know how to sail and I had never really traveled before.

My friends, who owned a 31 foot Colombia 9.6 sailboat, were sailing down to southern Baja, Mexico from Ventura, California. This was my opportunity to learn as much as possible. In those two months, I felt something that I had never felt before. I was alive and everyday I woke up with a thirst for more adventure. When we arrived in La Paz, my friend (Kevin) and I decided to buy a boat of our own. We chose the oldest boat in the bay haha. We scraped up $4,000 to buy a 1973 35ft Ta Chiao CT Pilothouse named Destiny that hadn’t sailed away from its mooring in over 15 years. After six months of hard work and about $10,000 more dollars, we were able to get her sailing again. We sailed out to Espiritu Santo Island in the Sea of Cortez which turnout to be one of the most epic weeks of our lives.

At this point in time, my dreams were actually becoming a reality. After we completed our goal of getting Destiny sailing again, we returned to the States to see family and friends. Kevin stayed up in the States and I returned the next year to the repair Destiny and keep the dream alive. She suffered damages from a category 4 hurricane. Destiny was one of five boats that survived the storm out in the La Paz bay. She stayed strong through 135 MPH winds and 12 ft breakers on the mooring. I really lucked out on that one and I was sure happy I wasn’t on the boat during this episode!!

Currently I am continuing on with preparing Destiny for the Pacific Ocean crossing while promoting this amazing lifestyle I have been so lucky to grow accustomed to. Once I get my boat prepared properly, I will set out in search of perfect waves, creating a positive impact on the places and people that I visit, and most importantly, live a pure life.

I welcome you to follow along with my adventure through my short films, photography and stories that I acquire along the way. 

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