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Surfing the Mexican Boat Yard

Surfing the Mexican Boat Yard

First Ocean Crossing: Preparations, Fears, and Why We Do It

First Ocean Crossing: Preparation

Giant Sharks and Victories

Giant Sharks and Victories

Who We Are

We travel the world by sailboat connecting with other cultures and nature promoting sailing as a viable means of travel.  We will document the entire voyage through photography, writing, and film, producing a constant stream of short films and a full blown documentary at the end of the entire voyage. We aim to create a website with a plethora of do-it-yourself boating knowledge and low budget cruising tips.

Earth is Cool

We aim to inspire people, especially the technology dependent youth, to get outside and experience life as it exists in nature. Through this we hope to spread an awareness of the magnificent beauty of the earth and the life that exists within, and hope to instill a reverence of environmentalism in our followers and viewers. We hope our journey inspires you to get outside and explore our beautiful world.

Now Here We Are

We want to achieve seemingly unreachable goals and instill the idea that any goal or dream, no matter how large or improbable it may seem, can be realized with hard work, dedication, and the willingness to take risks.  We didn’t grow up near the ocean or with any access to sailing. We simply worked, saved money, moved near the ocean, and began hanging out on the docks until we could convince some sailors to teach us how to sail.

Join Our Journey

We are in awe of the support and love we have received from people that are inspired by our adventure. If you are inspired to help support our journey please donate to help us continue on and share our journey with all of you through blogs, photography, and film. Our mission is to create a full blown documentary on the entire voyage once we have completed the trek. We would love to hear from you and meet you along the way. Please help us to spread the word.


We are currently in La Paz, Baja California Sur, awaiting the end of the hurricane season in the East Pacific in October

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Join Our Journey

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